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Registration with Virgo Talent

We get a ton of questions regarding the registration process with our company, so we want to lay out exactly how it works here on our blog :

1) Go to the Virgo Home Page and click the “create an account” button.

2) You will be prompted to enter a username (anything you want – try to keep in simple), a password and your email address. Make sure you use your primary email address – it is one of the ways that we will be contacting you.

3) After you have entered the above information you will be sent an email with a link to complete your registration – you may either click that link or copy and paste the long code at the bottom of your email and enter it into the page you are currently visiting. Either method will provide the same result. If you are having trouble with one method, please resort to the other.

4) Once you have confirmed your account, you will be asked to fill out all of your general information. Please fill all of this info accurately. It will be used by us in order to get you work 🙂

5) You will be asked to upload a primary picture. This will serve as your default photo until you are able to visit our office during one of our registrations (these generally occur every 4-6 weeks – you will be notified automatically when one is approaching if you have not been to one yet). Make sure your photo is clear and decent. You will be allowed to upload additional photos in the “Gallery Photos” section of your profile after you have completed your basic account.

6) You will be asked to upload a credit card to your account. It is secure and SSL protected. Make sure that the card that you upload has an available balance to avoid penalization fees for declined card processing.

7) After you have uploaded your payment information you will have completed your online registration process – the last step is to come to our office for your official photo. In the meantime if we can get you on any of our projects, we will contact you using the information that you have provided. Otherwise, you can look forward to being contacted as we approach our next in office registration.


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Welcome to the Virgo Talent Blog


Thanks for stopping by our blog page 🙂

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